Sandisk MiniSD Card 512MB miniSD with Adapter

Sandisk MiniSD Card 512MB miniSD with Adapter
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The SanDisk miniSD card increases the capacity and functionality of the latest generation of feature-rich multimedia mobile phones and other mobile devices, enabling users to take full advantage of the newest storage-intensive applications that include video, audio, imaging and games. Currently available in storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 256MB, SanDisk’s miniSD card includes the same SD interface, so it will work in any current SD host with the use of an adapter. Built-in security features allow users to download, store and play secure content with confidence.

Product Specification

Key Features
Manufacturer Warranty5 Years
Supply Voltage2.7V-3.6V
Form FactorminiSD
Storage Capacity512MB
i-mate8310 , JASJAM , K-JAM , SP3 , SP3i , SP4m , SP5m
Motorola MPx100, MPx220, Q
Nokia 6265 6270 6280 6282 6708 E61 E70 N71 N73 N80 N92 N93
O2X3 X4 XDA Atom Exec XDA Atom XDA mini S XDA Orion XDA Phone XDA Trion Xphone Xphone II Xphone lim
Panasonic MX7 P252i P252is P253i P505i P505is P506iC P506iV P900i P900iV P901i SA7 VS7 X700 X800 Z800
Orange SPV C500 SPV C550
Philips680 768 868
PMCP252iS P253i P505i P505iS P506iC P700i P900i P900iV P901i
Qtec 8010 8020 8300 8310 9100 9600
Sagem MY 500x MY X-8 MY X-8
Sanyo 5600 A5505SA ICR-S170M ICR-S290RM MM-5600 W21SA W31SA
Sharp 903 904 GX-40 J-SH52 P901iC SH505i SH505iS SH506iC SH700i SH900i SH901iC
Sierra Wireless8010 8020
XcuteDV1 DV2 DV50 DV80
Audiovox5600 C500 8940 6700
Dopod565 575 595 P100
OthersAll devices that accept miniSD

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